“Fabulous… age appropriate, gets the kids’ attention and involvement” – A. Edgar, Teacher, St Edmund School

“I liked how the program focused on kids interacting” – G. Smith, Parent, Community Youth Group

“Dynamic presentations, relevant to kids today” – T. Prevost, teacher, Teacher, Westpark School

“Great Interventions” – M. Coloccia, Parent, Edinburgh School

“I learnt about making good choices in your friendships” - student, Beechwood School

“Engaging workshop… a real eye opener!” – E. Marki, Parent, Sherwood Forest School

“[My son] loved coming here every week” – S. Riggi, Parent, Community Youth Group

“It taught us how to stand up for yourself in a safe way” – student, St Lawrence Academy

“Great as always!” – L. Cavaliere, Daycare Coordinator, St Edmund School

“Real life examples, practical techniques and strategies !” – Elizabeth, Parent, East Hill School

“[My daughter] learned social skills and how to be assertive” – M. Borjas, Parent, Community Youth Group

“Good tips, easy steps to follow” – S. Desormeaux, Parent, Pierre Elliot Trudeau School

“My son has learnt to keep [himself] under control with other kids instead of blowing up” – C. Labowka - Collins, Parent, Community Youth Group

“it was good to learn about teamwork and how to get along with each other” - student, Christmas Park School

“Engaging, Great presentation... wish I had this workshop 10 years ago!” – E. Gharibian, Parent, LBPSB CPC

“Increased [my son’s] self-awareness, and realizing that he has the right to his own opinion” - C. Rusch, Parent, Community Youth Group

“Great interactive process, instructor did an excellent job!” – C. Thombell, Educator, Terry Fox School

“Students learned about Empowerment & the ability to help others” – D. Tremblay, former principal, Franklin Hill School

“Clear, concise, hands on, fun & informative” – F. Figura, Teacher Montessori International

“Standing up for someone can change everything” – student, QEHS, Sept Iles

“Dynamic facilitators, presentations, & approaches” – K. Fahey, teacher, Teacher, Morin Heights School

“Great examples, fantastic strategies to use as a parent!” – F. Legault, Parent, Birchwood School

“Now I know that our voice can make a difference” - student, Hebrew Academy

“I loved it… Great new tools!” – C. Callice, Educator, Forest Hill School

“I liked how we got to learn about trusting others and teamwork”– Student, Children’s World Academy

“I learned how to solve problems and stay positive even when it is difficult” – student, Franklin Hill School

“Program had ‘real life’ conflict” – M. Vinh, Parent, Community Youth Group

“The more we work together, the more we can change bullying” – Student, Lakeside Academy

“Very informative… includes plans for resolving issues” – R. Kennedy, Parent, Edinburgh School

“Good sharing of ideas and teamwork!” – N. Mycan, Educator, Terry Fox School

“Lots of information that can be applied to so many situations ” – J. Shanks, Parent, QFHSA

“We had fun and learnt how to be good friends” – student, St Edmund School

“Very timely and important discussions” – M. Moffat, Educator, Christmas Park School

“Actual steps to take to deal with a situation” – C. Cipolla, Parent, QFHSA

“We can deal with different situations now when they happen” – student, St John Fisher School

“Very direct, concrete, and specific” – A. Berryman, Parent, Forest Hill School

“It was fun !” – student, Lindsay Place School

“Super program… enthusiasm, very structured and educational ” – G. Robertson, Teacher, Christmas Park School

“there is always something we can do about a problem” – student, Jules Verne School

“Great techniques to try at home !” – R. Lucifero, Parent, East Hill School

“It made my daughter rise to the occasion and be a superstar!” – S. Goodwin, Parent, Community Youth Group

“I have learnt many strategies… thank you so much!” – A. Piazza, Parent, LBPSB CPC

“Relevant and Realistic” – D. Reeves, former principal, Lewis King School

“Fun, interactive, great content… it deals with issues they are experiencing day to day” – L. Smith, Teacher, Christmas Park School

“They taught us very well about how to be safe online and what to do” – student, Westpark School

“Excellent… very interactive…presenters connected quickly with students and message got across well” – A. Patenaude, Teacher, Westpark School

“You can always find a solution to work things out with your friends” – Student, Allion School

“Fantastic tools” – J. Dimarco, Parent, QFHSA

“It’s really important to respect others” – Student, Sherwood Forest

“Very relevant to what is actually happening in school” – S. Burgy, Educator, St Edmund School

[The program]”… is very well organized and presented… the materials are very clear and user friendly… it’s a great experience!” - M. Gosselin, Teacher St. Edmund School

“There were lots of ideas how to deal with the situation” – J. Shea, Educator, Forest Hill School

“We learned how to stop the bullying” – student, Montessori International

“It’s fun to know how we can solve problems and help others” – student, Beechwood School

“Teaching kids how to talk to their friends” – M. Fotohy, parent, LBPSB CPC

“We learnt how to keep safe on the internet” – student, Morin Heights School

“Program gave my child social skills needed” – C. Ferrara, Parent, Community Youth Group

“Students learned how to deal with conflict situations” - J. Pomminville, Daycare Coordinator, Franklin Hill School

“I loved the games” – student, Thorndale School

“Thanks for an amazing workshop” – J. Forde, Parent, Sunshine Academy

“After the activities I felt very touched… it really shows how everyone has the right to stand up for what they believe in” – student, QEHS, Sept Iles

“Excellent workshop and presentation!” – S. Hill, Parent, QFHSA

Couple & Family Counseling

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tx3 mom baby



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Everyone experiences difficulty at times. You don't have to face this alone. When things get rough … DM can help.





At DM you will find confidential services provided by recognized & experienced professionals.





Contact DM for your FREE confidential telephone consult !





DM welcomes all individuals, youth, couples, and families from all backgrounds, Religions, Cultures, Ethnicities, LGBT youth, adults, couples and families .





DM’s Offices:

DM’s offices are centrally located in Montreal & West Island, easily accessible by public transportation, with easy access to parking. Appointments are available during daytime, evenings and weekends, to accommodate every schedule. Telephone support is also available.





DM services are offered:

  • At DMs offices (Montreal & West Island)
  • By arrangement in the community
  • In Schools
  • By phone







Society regularly reminds us of the importance of a happy couple & family life. Couple and Family Counseling is about understanding the forces that shape us as individuals, couples and families. DM offers :

  1. Couple Counseling
  2. Family Counseling


Couple Counseling

DM believes that couple counseling can help all couples – married or not - to have a better understanding of each other, and to resolve conflicts or life changes. Couple counseling can lead to improved relationships, as well as increased intimacy.

Some of the areas that couple counseling can help with are:

  • Improved communication
  • Increased intimacy
  • United parenting fronts
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Grief / Loss
  • Separation / Divorce
  • Blended families
  • Co-Parenting
  • Parenting strategies and support for:
    • Young children
    • Adolescents
    • Young Adults living at home / leaving home
  • Support for Youth with Special Needs, Asperger Syndrome (Asperger’s), Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD), Attention Difficulties, AD/HD, or Learning Difficulties


Family Counseling

Families change over time as the family shape changes, over life cycles. Family Counseling can help all family members learn new ways to interact and communicate with each other: It can help resolve conflicts and lead to improved family communication and satisfaction.

Some of the areas that family counseling can help with are:

  • Improved family relationships (parent-child, parent-teen, sibling-sibling)
  • Improved family communication for all family members
  • Reduced Family conflict
  • Separation / Divorce
  • Co-Parenting
  • Blended families
  • United parenting fronts
  • Grief / Loss
  • Adult children
  • Parenting strategies and support for:
    • Young children
    • Adolescents
    • Young Adults living at home or leaving home
  • Support for  youth with Special Needs, Asperger Syndrome (Asperger’s), Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD), Attention Difficulties, AD/HD, or Learning Difficulties



Contact DM for your FREE confidential telephone consult !